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Ankit Bansal

"It is a really good thing for someone to select the best car. That is the reason I chose MotorOctane and now I got my best car after discussing all the things with Moiz. So thank you very much. I hope we will discuss the query for a new car very soon."

Jasleen Royal

"Thank You MotorOctane and Rachit for helping me select the best car!"


"Iโ€™m an Automobile enthusiast but still was confused in choosing an ideal 7 seater car as per my needs, I wanted to speak to people who could give me pointers and dissolve my dilemma, MotorOctane team was the perfect choice for this they resolved my queries/doubts that eventually helped in taking the decision to buy Kia Carens (petrol). Thanks for the suggestion. I'm happy with my car."

Parth Bhatt

"Your service is just amazing and no one is doing what you guys are doing so keep it up. I was confused between Tata Altroz and Tata Punch but after talking to Karthik it was very clear for me to choose my car so thank you for that."

Siddhant Mane

"was guided by the MotorOctane team, especially Karthik who guided me when I was confused between MG Hector, Hyundai Creta, and Kia Seltos. He advised me to go for Seltos. So Yesterday I got my Seltos GTX+ AT Diesel Delivery. I am really happy and satisfied with my new car. Thank you MotorOctane for helping me to find the best car for my family."

Rajesh Surase

"The solution provided to me made my car buying decision crystal clear. I was given the proper guidance from every perspective of my requirement and given options to choose from. Moiz is really up to date with the latest news from the Auto industry and will help you tremendously to know all the factors which one might not be aware of and might end up with the wrong vehicle. Now I'm worry-free to drive my beast for many upcoming years."


"I was very confused between multiple cars despite being clear about my requirements. Karthik helped me clear out the confusion and make the right decision about Tata Nexon XZ+. Thanks a lot. I'm happy I brought the Nexon. I agree this was the right choice for me."

Harsh Shukla

"For buyers, it is better to go for build and finish instead of fancy features. Thanks, MotorOctane for the guidance."

Mithun Yatgiri

"Prompt answer and very valuable analysis of the requirements"

Rachit Agarwal

"Your team is doing great work. Had an awesome experience. You guys have really cleared all my doubts."

Sridhar Ala

"Moiz has got a good understanding and knowledge of the industry. He has patiently heard all my requirements and has guided me very well with proper advice, which helped me in taking a sensible decision."

Suhail Khan

"It was a great experience with the MotorOctane team, especially Karthik who guided me through a proper channel and advised me to take Sonet HTX automatic in Diesel out of all shortlisted options. Itโ€™s a VFM variant and I am happy to get associated with MotorOctane in taking my decision. Wish you and the whole team a big thank you for the support and guidance at all times."


"has taken delivery of our MG Hector CVT as recommended by your team and it fits our requirements perfectly. My four-year-old son is a car enthusiast and a big fan of your YouTube channel. Thanks and keep growing.๐Ÿ‘"

Sunny Goel

"I was confused between the Mahindra XUV 700/ MG Hector/ Jeep Compass. The team helped to clarify my doubts with in-depth knowledge and finally recommended XUV 700. Just bought it and am really satisfied with the MotorOctane team."

Amit Pathak

"You gave me an honest suggestion after listening to all my requirements and it's in detail that makes my car purchase easier. Thanks to MotorOctane."

Dr. Anshu Hotani

"I think the amount MotorOctane charged for consultation is totally worth it. Want to quote an example here. When You have some disease before taking any medication you consult a specialist, Dr. Here, in this case when you are investing your hard-earned money, please consult with an expert so that you should not regret it after buying the vehicle. I booked a call for one vehicle but discussed 2 vehicles, one for me and one for my wife, I thought Moiz would say that please book a separate call for the other segment of the vehicle. But surprisingly he entertained my queries for both the vehicles. Totally satisfied."

Randhir Poul

"It was a very good experience to talk with Mr Moiz sir. He cleared my confusion and made my first car buying experience very easy. Thanks to MotorOctane."

Rajesh Yadav

"I was looking for an automatic petrol SUV with a 20 lakh budget and was highly confused between Tata Safari, Creta, Hector, and Compass. I had almost finalized Hector but I desperately needed some expert advice. After I consulted Moiz from MotorOctane I was 100 % certain to go for hector. Not only was this based on the recommendation, but my two more friends also ended up booking the same car and model."

Harsh Kartikey Singh

"I was really confused between Compass and Harrier. Moiz understood my exact requirement and use case and cleared all my doubts in just one call. Really grateful to the MotorOctane team for their expertise."

Kaustubh Dange

"It was great speaking with Karthik, it really helped me in making my decision. I would definitely recommend getting an expert opinion from MotorOctane specialists if you are in trouble deciding the car."

Govind Suthar

"I m pretty satisfied with Mr. Karthik from MotorOctane, had a discussion twice and according to that, I got my doubts cleared."

Biprajit Roy

"After several calls and queries discussed with team MotorOctane....finally bought the car with proper styling and safety... Thank you team MotorOctane for helping me with my car buying procedure. Cheers to Rachit and team MotorOctane."

Major Soumyadeep Pyne

"It was nice speaking to Viraat. I got a good expert opinion on my choices of buying a new car. This will definitely help in finalizing the car. You guys are doing a great job. Thank you."

Jithu Joseph

"I wanted expert advice on buying a new car and I was confused with the options I had. Hence I decided to check out the car consultancy of the MotorOctane team. I spoke with Karthik and he clarified my doubts efficiently and thus I could fix my dream car. I have now got my Renault Kiger and am very happy with it. Thank you, team."

Vivek Kanwal

"The fabulous team of experts guiding and clears even minuscule doubts. My interaction with the team MotorOctane helped me make the right buying decision. Thanks a lot!"

Hardik Kotak

"I was confused about which car to buy and when I came to know about MotorOctane, I told them my budget and priorities, They suggested Safari Adventure Persona, I am happy with their suggestions, thanks to Team MotorOctane for showing me the right direction!!"

Prashant Solanki

"Had a good experience with MotorOctane. Cleared all my doubts about purchasing a car, and will definitely recommend it to others!"

Anurag Tripathy

"We were looking for a 5 seater SUV under 20 lacs for family usage. And I was confused between Creta, Seltos & Harrier. At that price point, it was Creta with the most features & the specifications I was looking for. Hence, I got the Creta SX(O). Thanks, MotorOctane! Iโ€™m happy with the beast!"

Rhishikesh Magdum

"I was very confused while buying the car. So I approached MotorOctane for help. They took my requirements and based on that they suggested a couple of cars. After that, they explained the pros and cons of each car and finally suggested Nexon. I have purchased the car and Iโ€™m very satisfied. Thanks a lot, MotorOctane team."

Rohan Mukesh Shah

"The call went smooth and the analysis of Moiz was quite insightful in terms of upcoming market trends and stable platform selection. Apart from general inputs, Moiz clarified questions nicely over Pre-Sales and Post Sales processes like PDI inspection, etc. Inputs related to Car Servicing were a deal-breaker for me to go with Nexon XZA+"

Amit Mehra

"It's a very nice service. Earlier I was so confused about which car to buy. Then one day I contacted MotorOctane. They suggested 2 cars and again I got confused but I talked to them again and they suggested to me again that u should buy MG ASTOR. Then my opinion about the MG ASTOR car became crystal clear. Now I'm very happy with MG ASTOR. Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. It's a wonderful service. Everyone should contact them before purchasing a new car"

Saurabh Yadav

"Got my queries resolved. Very helpful and honest about what is good and what can go bad when asked about a particular car and technology. Excellent service."

Mithun Pendurkar

"Because of your reply to my inquiry, I concluded my decision on Mahindra Bolero Neo. You guys are doing an excellent job. Kudos to all."

Anirban Das

"Before reaching out to MotorOctane, I had more or less finalized a car, however, I was still a little confused between the 2 cars. Since I was following your YouTube channel for quite some time, I was more inclined towards seeking help from you. It hardly took me a day to finalize once I connected with your team. I could easily decide on my first car (Tata Tiago NRG) once I got to know the solid comparable facts. I have driven this car for almost 500km now, and the experience is pure bliss. Thanks for helping me out, MotorOctane! Keep up the great work!"

Raj Garg

"Moiz's opinion gave me confidence and cleared my concerns. It's wise to contact experts before spending such a huge amount. Car is a dream for the majority of Indians and the decision should not go wrong."

Neha Kalra

"So I was confused about Sonet that I had already booked. Although my confusion was bizarre as I was confused between a compact SUV, and Sedan But Moiz was great to talk to. He walked me through the pros and cons effortlessly and helped me choose. He also told me all about IMT technology."

Prasanjit Ray

"Thanks to Moiz Bhai and MotorOctane Team for helping me out to buy the Creta, Great works guys the way u listen and make comfortable to customers is awesome. Once again Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™‡"

Pravin A Panat

"Thank you for your support. Very well organized, good guidance. Helped me to get to the decision on which vehicle I should go for."

Himanshu Srivastava

"Got all my answers related to the Car I was planning to buy and that helped my buying decision Thanks to Team MotorOctane."

Sandeep Boya

"I already purchased Innova Crysta on the suggestions of Viraat super helpful on every decision very minute from the ceramic coat of car to tyre of the car, warranty, insurance, etc, I follow blindly Viraat any time for everything related to car ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘"

Shaunak Thakkar

"After researching the Compact SUV segment I was confused regarding which car to buy or should wait if Newer Models are coming then I contacted MotorOctane and Moiz from the team MotorOctane gave Clarity within 15 Minutes and I booked My XUV300 and I am Very Satisfied with my Car, Thank you so much Moiz Bhai and Team MotorOctane..."

Jopin Philip Thomas

"MotorOctane did play a pivotal role in narrowing down on my car buying decision. Karthik was honest and very practical while sharing his opinion. Thank you."

Jaydeep Shukla

"First of all, I must admit Moiz was just very easy to talk and explain my requirements and limitations. Also, he asked very pinpoint questions which helped me narrow down on my options. It was very confusing for me as Punch is just newly launched and fewer reviews are available but speaking to Moiz helped me clear the doubts. I HAVE FINALLY PURCHASED TATA PUNCH CREATIVE AMT Thank You Moiz - Rachit and the whole team. You guys just rock !!!!!"

Yash Bhatia

"It was a really good conversation and I was all clear in my mind about which car I should get!"

Subham Gadodia

"It was very nice speaking to Kartik and the conversation was very helpful. Thanks, MotorOctane"

Krit Karan Singh Bhardwaj

"Very happy with the detailed help in decision making."

Hemang Jakhia

"I was Confused between the Gloster, Endeavour and the Alturas G4. Viraat understood all my needs and patiently explained to me the pros and cons of each and helped me make a decision. I decided to go for the Ford Endeavour, and despite the company packing its bags from India, I do not regret this decision at all. Thanks, Viraat I got this car and now am enjoying it."

Sankalp Agarwal

"I was really confused and wasn't sure if I chose the right car for me, Moiz consulting answered all my questions and worries regarding the car and I must say there were a few questions related to the car whose answers I couldnโ€™t find on Google or anywhere else with this reference a call with the expert was beneficial also they advised me over post-purchase decisions such as car warranty packages, insurance, accessories, etc. Overall they have a brilliant team of experts who know the best when it comes to cars and I would suggest consulting before you make the purchasing decision."

Gunjan Patel

"Extremely satisfied. Thank you Rachit and Team MotorOctane"

Rohit Nagbhidkar

"It was a good suggestion and I bought the recommended vehicle. Its been a pleasing experience so far. Moiz suggested Creta when I presented him with my final options. I am happy with my purchase :)"

Aditya Shirodkar

"MotorOctane is one of the best Car research and review-oriented teams in India. They have a fabulous approach to buyers/customers and the information is explained in a precise & clear manner. Iโ€™ve been following them for over 2yrs now, & finally, the decision to buy the right car is advised by MotorOctane."

Akshat Sen

"Mr. Moiz explained each aspect of our query and we are very much satisfied with the way he talked to us each and everything was clear we are glad that we called MotorOctane. Cheers folks you are doing a great job !!"

Varun Upadhyaya

"Moiz was fantastic in explaining the car best suited for me. He listened to my thoughts patiently and gave the best options available to me. He did not try to push his opinion but gave recommendations keeping my needs in mind. I would highly recommend MotorOctane to others."

Sachin Kukreja

"It was a very nice conversation, talking to Moiz was like talking to a friend with great knowledge and experience of cars, and the recommendation made complete sense and cleared all my confusion."

Sandeep Grover

"I wanted to buy a car for my parents and I have been following MotorOctane for a long time now, so decided to opt for this Consultancy Service. Moiz was very well prepared with all the pointers that I shared while booking. He didnโ€™t just help me out deciding from my top picks but also came with other options that might be suitable for me and were well under my budget also. We ended up deciding on Hyundai Venue SX O 1.0 Turbo iMT Petrol, and I couldnโ€™t be happier with our new car now!! Thanks, MotorOctane team!!"

Kidambi Jagannath

"We were very confused with XUV 700, Safari, and Innova. Conversation with Karthik gave us a good insight into the characteristics of the XUV especially since we couldn't experience it as it was not launched yet. He even explained the pros and cons of all the three vehicles and suggested the Safari after analyzing our requirements. Overall, the conversation with Karthik has helped ease our decision-making and simplified the whole process."

Prince Pandey

"It was too good interacting with Moiz. I was too much confused between City and Venue. He explained to me the difference from an expert point of view as the basic difference I already knew. He was listening to every question and responded to them with all statistics available which helped me make this decision. Thanks, MotorOctane Team."

Capt. Jasdeep Singh Anand

"Your suggestions were invaluable Karthik and thanks to the entire MotorOctane team. Do appreciate all your help, guidance, and unbiased advice. In hindsight, it was a very wise decision to go for 4x4 Ford Endeavour after duly considering all available options."

Varun Khanna

"I would like to take an opportunity to say BIG thanks to the team MotorOctane they help me in choosing the right vehicle as per my requirement. I love the way Moiz explained the selection process. once again thank you so much for your consultancy, which makes a lot of difference for the person who is planning to buy a new car or old car."

Abhishek Singh Chauhan

"The advisor suggested me well. He listened to my preferences. Good professional approach. Thank you team MotorOctane."

Arth Sharma

"I had waited for 8 months for getting my car delivered, during this period I thought of getting something else and then connected with MotorOctane Team (Karthik). And based on multiple discussions they recommended sticking with Seltos GTX Plus MT. I would say it was worth every damn penny. Thanks to the MotorOctane team, they had been the lifeline when it comes to choosing a car. I can say this for sure, people who had opted for their service would have ended with the right choice!"

Dhawal Mathur

"It was really a good call and was worth it. It helped me a lot with all my doubts, and helped me to stay lucid with my plan Thank you for your service!"

Malabika Gupta

"Moiz explained it very nicely and also he made us understand that what car should we buy and why. Loved the service"

Dewashish Gawande

"I've been a subscriber to the MotorOctane youtube channel for more than a year now. When decided to buy a car, my 1st choice was MG Hector 2021, but due to its mixed reviews on various youtube channels, I was a little confused. So decided to consult with MotorOctane. It was a very nice experience interacting with Mr. Moiz, he cleared all my queries and after talking to him I confidently bought the car which I wanted to buy. Thank you Moiz and the whole MotorOctane team. And I surely recommend trying MotorOctane before buying a car. Thanks a lot again..."

Likhil Gajbhiye

"This is the second time I am speaking with Karthik and his analysis and overall knowledge and understanding about the cars are awesome. I will go ahead with his suggestions. Cheers !!!"

Rohan Pandit

"Great experience talking to Moiz, he explained all the doubts queries related to our car choice and his suggestion had a valuable contribution to our car purchase decision. Thank you for your valuable response and information on our queries."

Ajinkya Deshmane

"Thanks to MotorOctane for suggesting to purchase my first new car. The most noticeable thing is their service, very cooperative and sensible staff. They guided me very well and it was very easy to get my perfect car. Great experience!"

Swaroop Raghunath

"After going through the confusion about which car to buy, finally went ahead with Honda city as suggested by the team. It satisfies all my requirements and Iโ€™m more than happy and satisfied with my purchase. A comfortable, no-nonsense cruiser with all the bells and whistles of Korean cars and additionally added safety features even in the base variant."

Ganesh Jawale

"This is my first car and I was confused about which one to choose. I had seen so many videos of Mr. Rachit on YouTube & also heard that they give guidance for car purchasing. I had a call with Mr. Moiz regarding which car is suitable for my use and he cleared all my confusion. Thank MotorOctane team."

Subham Dash

"I was really confused about which car to buy cause the price range was 25 to 30 lacs... And as per my requirements, location, and every aspect in which viraat literally gave me a perfect piece of advice and I got this Hyundai Tucson GLS. So all thanks to Viraat, Rachit, and Team MotorOctane"


"Moiz was very polite and patient. He heard me well and then gave his expert advice. Even though you can see a lot of reviews and vlogs on YouTube I would recommend everyone to try this also as Car is a big spend so that you donโ€™t end up with the wrong car."

Rhishikesh Tendulkar

"Team MotorOctane, your consultancy services has helped me zero out on which car to buy depending on my requirements. Also, the confidence to buy value for money product is also doubled in interaction with your team and its know-how on the subject. Thanks once again."

Swapnil Bhosale

"I was very confused while I was in the last step of car selection. Special thanks to Rachit to clear my all doubts and support me pick the best one. Also thanks to all his team who are taking much-needed efforts with great co-ordinations. MotorOctane is the one of the best car buying solutions. Best wishes to MotorOctane team."

Preyas Vasavada

"Most definitely my favorite set of car consultants. Karthik was very straight forward in clarifying my confusion. It's a boon to have you guys assist buyers with a non-influenced perspective of getting a car."

Mannu Sharma

"With 13L, I wanted a car for my dad - who has an amputated leg. Watching MotorOctane videos, decided to go for personalised review. Cleared my doubts very same day. I booked an S-Cross."

Sagar Matolia

"All my concerns and queries were properly answered by Moiz. After consulting them, I am happy and confident with my decision. Even showroom representatives do not have that much knowledge on the specs and features, Would definitely recommend this service to my friends. "

Sareen Kumar

"You people are doing a great job of giving minute details while suggesting. It has helped me immensely in finalizing my car purchase."

Vinay Ashani

"It was very easy and straightforward as they already looked at my requirements and priorities. Amazing experience"

Prashant Sharma

"It was a great experience talking to him. Never felt I am talking to some stranger, felt like discussing the matter with a family friend. I was able to clarify my doubts and come to the conclusion. Keep it up Karthik and MotorOctane!!!"

Tejas Dave

"Fair and genuine view on all the specified cars and cleared my confusion."

Yohhan Haresh Rawani

"I've been a subscriber to MotorOctane youtube channel since the lockdown started which is when I started looking up cars to replace my XUV500. I never would've considered the MG Hector if it wasn't for their recent videos recommending the car in the 20L budget So decided to take a test drive and was impressed. Finally, I was confused between Hector and Harrier/safari which is when I used their consultancy service where Karthik understood my requirement and suggested Hector CVT. I just got my car delivered on Sunday and I'm very happy. Thanks to Rachit, Karthik, & the team for their amazing work."

Ishminder Singh

"It was worth taking advice from MotorOctane, they have full knowledge about all cars and their features. A must try for all new car buyers out there!"

Mr Shishir

"It was a very nice experience to interact with Moiz. He was very clear with his suggestions- exactly what you expect from experts. This was my second consultancy, Moiz ended up calling me instead of chatting on WhatsApp- thatโ€™s customer centricity at its best. Thanks Moiz."

Sandeep Shetty

"Initially thought 550rs to talk to someone for 15 mins... does it make sense?? My answer now is definitely it does. Talking to Moiz for a few mins we could have options on which car/specific model I should be looking for and why I should not look for other variants. Tech knowledge is superb and they understand your need and requirement. Thanks Moiz ๐Ÿ˜Š"

Devesh Tyagi

"I used their service twice (Whatsapp and Call), but it's a better return for ur money if you go for calling. It's prompt and you can discuss your doubts. Thanks, team for this amazing service."

Ajinkya Mehre

"Team MotorOctane really helped me decide the car. I want to thank you MotorOctane."

Prabhat Tripathi

"Thank you for the suggestion Rachit & team. Finally bought the car I wanted to buy for a very long time. Thank you once again๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™"

Tushar Gupta

"Videos are Really amazing, I love the detailed videos. Keep Going! And thanks for clearing my doubts on the new car."


"They do in-depth driving of cars and are doing quite a professional job with clear cut analysis. In fact our test drive matches with what they say. That shows it's genuine."

Budhaditya Poddar

"MotorOctane is one of the few good vloggers on YouTube & its great to have this good team to help us pick. A great fan of your show. Booked Tata Nexon 2020 XZ+ petrol. Thanks for your help."

Saurabh Kulkarni

"Excellent experience talking to Rachit and glad he took my call. We discussed on every aspect of buying and models and I got my answers. Thanks for suggesting."

Mr Amit Doshi

"Guys, it was a super conversation. Karthik was so thorough in his knowledge and gave answers with full clarity and no diplomacy. It was quite a quick response to all the questions and he was patient enough to answer our basic as well as technical queries and at some point, he very clearly advised like a friend. I seriously recommend, all to get this consultancy before buying any car. Rather than looking at 100s of videos (which though I did), this call will give you immense knowledge and practical answers."

Venu Madhav

"Moiz has answered all my questions and it's really good as I came out of my confusion to choose the best car from Altroz or Sonet as per my requirements. He is really professional, well known about the vehicles, clearly explained. I give 10/10 for this kind of service. Really Rachit should be Appreciated to start this Service..he is saving our Lakhs."

Siddharth Shukla

"It was a good elaborate discussion. Moiz heard me out patiently and have me very credible advice."

Tarun Tiwari

"Quite confidence inspiring discussion. Good thing is Virat puts himself in your shoes and then makes the suggestion which is exactly what we came here for."

Hrishikesh Patki

"I had to wait for a day but it was worth it. Excellent consultation and cleared all my doubts."

Pushpak Dandavate

"I have tried other services earlier and I will say this service from Motor Octane is perfect as it can get. All doubts cleared ..Great communication and knowledge. Cheers to Karthik"

Mr Amarvir

"Firstly he patiently listened to my requirements, understood what I was looking for and then gave me a great insight into what I should be considering. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to buy a new car, because unlike car salesman you get an unbiased view. The fee spent on consultation is insignificant as compared to the heartburn if you get your car acquisition decision wrong."

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