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Yash Karia


A Biotechnology engineer by profession, Yash has been passionately involved with Automobiles right since his childhood. His exposure to cars is deep just as much as it is wide- and Yash has honed it with plenty of driving experience and across multiple countries. Yash brings into the team his sound technical expertise, passionate energy and an inimitable writing style. Read more about him and his stories.

Manas Dewan



A motoring enthusiast with over two decades of experience, Manas has ridden and driven some of the meanest machines in automotive history across India and other parts of the globe. Manas’ previous avatars have been as a journalist, photographer and an automotive professional- and this roundedness of experience also shows through his pieces at MotorOctane. Read more about Manas and his stories.

Sundeep Krishna


A gadget freak, Sundeep is passionate about automobiles, photography and wildlife. He has a flair for writing and the bundle of these passions make his reviews interesting, holistic and a pleasure to read. An officer with the revenue and law enforcement department of Central Government of India, Sundeep brings deep experience and fresh perspectives into his storytelling approach. Read more about him and his stories.

DISCLAIMER: “The views expressed by the author are his own and not that of the Government”

Anupam Dalvi

Anupam Dalvi

A professional race driver, Anupam’s love affair with cars started right since his childhood. Over the years he could ‘mix business with pleasure’ and today his driving abilities are equally matched with his technical understanding and experience about cars- both on and off the circuit. Combine these qualities with a man who has a knack of compelling storytelling and you know what Anupam brings to the table! Read more about Anupam and his stories.

Viraat Paul

viraat paul

A support member for the team, who can write, drive, ride and even shoot. One guy who fits in all genres – that’s Viraat for you. The Mr Dependable. Always there to work and never says No!

Manoj Thawani

From childhood, he has been excited about how things work… and this fixation extended to automobiles at an early age. Thanks to this keen interest, Manoj combines his love of automobiles with sound technical knowledge- as he takes MotorOctane readers into his special obsessions… motorbikes and SUVs. Read more about him and his stories.

Rachit Hirani


The founding member of MotorOctane, Rachit has been an automotive journalist and host with some of the most reputed names in online and offline automotive media. From mean machines to everyday work horses, Rachit brings in his perspective of cars and bikes from across the globe. Now he only hosts our YouTube channel.

To know more about him, read here.

Dipika Hirani


Full-time fashion designer, part time photographer. You will find her with her compact Sony camera that will put most of the DSLRs to shame. Dipika Hirani is the co-founder of and spends most of the time behind the camera.