Volkswagen in India was famous for making cars that were fast and had strong build quality. Its cars like the Polo and the Vento were once the top choice amongst buyers. However, due to the lacklustre behaviour of the brand, both the cars were not updated passionately. The Polo currently looks outdated. The global markets get a completely new-generation car. The car comes with a new platform, new interior, and new features. However, if recent rumours are to be believed, Volkswagen is not planning to launch the new generation of Polo in India. In today’s article, we will discuss some points about why the new generation Polo will not be launched in India.

Fulfilling the demand for SUV

Volkswagen Polo launching

SUVs have definitely taken over the market. Most buyers are now considering an SUV. Along with all other companies in the market, Volkswagen is also focusing on making SUVs. The R&D department of the company is majorly working on the development of their new range of SUVs. This is the major reason why the new generation of Polo might not launch in India.  

Sub-four-metre rule

Volkswagen Polo launching

In the new generation, the length of the Polo is increased by 82mm. The length of the new generation Polo is 4,053mm, which exceeds the four-metre mark. In India, the excise duty for cars measuring less than four-metre is 20% while for cars measuring more than four-metre is 24%. This is one of the reasons why the new Polo could not be coming to India as the brand would again have to modify the complete car to fit this perimeter.


Volkswagen Polo launching

If the company cannot launch a car exceeding four-metre, it might have to do R&D for its new frame to make it smaller as mentioned above. This eventually might raise the price of this car. If the company launches the new Polo in India, this might also increase the prices of the car due to taxation. In both cases, the prices will be very high than the competition. So due to this, we might not see the new generation of Polo in India.

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