The car industry in India is developing at a rapid pace. More and more features are coming into Indian cars. The Advanced Driver Assistance System is one such feature that has been the talk of the town. As a feature, ADAS is quite useful considering how much safety it provides.  In India, some mass-market cars have started getting ADAS.  So when will the compact SUVs, which is one of the best selling segments in India, get ADAS equipped cars? In today’s article, we will try to find out the answer to this question. 

Manufacturers that have ADAS ready

compact SUVs with ADAS

Mahindra has the ADAS tech-ready,  which they have used on the XUV700. Mahindra has ADAS (level 1) on its XUV700. MG was the first manufacturer to bring ADAS to India. It has ADAS on two cars, the Gloster and the Astor. Other than this, Hyundai has ADAS tech-ready, though it has not debuted it in India. Globally Hyundai has ADAS tech available on its cars. 

Compact SUVs that can get ADAS

compact SUVs with ADAS

MG has the ADAS tech. But, currently, it has no intention to launch a compact SUV in the Indian market. Mahindra can bring the ADAS tech on its compact SUV, the XUV300. XUV300 is due for a facelift and Mahindra can bring ADAS in this facelift. Other than this, Hyundai might bring ADAS to the Venue. The Venue is also due for a facelift and it will be the ideal car for Hyundai to debut ADAS in India. Most probably, the Venue will become the first compact SUV in India to get ADAS.

ADAS features

compact SUVs with ADAS

ADAS gets features like adaptive cruise control, adaptive light control, autonomous valet parking, blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, driver drowsiness detection, driver monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, collision avoidance system, forward collision warning, glare-free high beam, lane change assistance, lane departure warning and lane centering.  

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