In India, the adventure bike market has been on rise. Motorcycles like the Royal Enfield Himalayan, Hero XPulse 200 and KTM 390 Adventure are fueling the dreams of young and new enthusiasts. The market for big ADVs is also gaining momentum steadily with brands like BMW, Triumph and Ducati. So here are some bikes that should come to India because they will further the cause of the ADV segment in expanding and bringing in new riders.

Top 5 Adventure Bikes in India

Kawasaki KLR650

Legendary, versatile and dependable. All the words that can describe the KLR. With the new bike the venerable dual-sport continues its famed legacy with improved electronics, a new headlight and some more modern touches. If this bike comes to India, it will be a great option for those who want a Kawasaki that is more ready to go hardcore off-road than the Versys 650. Many south Asian countries get this bike now and India should too.

kawasaki KLR650

Honda CRF300L Rally

Another great dual-sport. The CRF300L Rally is a bike that would make urban commuting and taking on the most gnarly trails very simple. The bike’s body work is inspired from bigger motocross bikes and Honda’s Dakar challengers. It gets a single cylinder engine that is powerful and returns great fuel economy. The bike also gets a 13 litre fuel tank and a great seating position. It also gets 284mm of ground clearance, switchable ABS and a digital instrument cluster. This bike should really come to India soon.

Honda CRF300 Rally

Suzuki DRZ line-up

We know that Suzuki currently has the VStorm 650 in India. They will follow that up with the 1050XT soon. But these are big bikes. We do hope that Suzuki also thinks about getting bikes like the DR200S, DRZ400S and the DR650S. Dual-sport motorcycles that are affordable and more usable daily for the masses. 

Suzuki DRZ 400s


Yamaha, unlike all the others on this list has nothing to offer to the off-road, dual-sport or adventure rider in India. We need some bikes from them to cater to these emerging segments in our market. Yamaha needs to get us a WR155 or WR250 dual sport motorcycle. The brand also needs to bring big bike models like the Tenere and Tracer to India.

Yamaha 700 Terenere


India is in love with KTM. We are the nation where KTM performs the best too. Thus, is it not time we get the cream of the crop when it comes to big adventure bikes. With brands like Triumph, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson and BMW all selling their flagship Adventure tourers in India, KTM should bring the various models of the 890 Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure to India now. There is a customer base that wants to upgrade or have something new and different. KTM should fulfill that space now. Below is an image of the 790 Adventure R, a bike that could have come with the 790 Duke.

KTM 790 Adventure-R


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