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Charlie Brown started Square Dancing in 1964 and started Round Dancing in 1976.     His cueing and teaching career began in 1978.   He worked with Bill & Virginia Tracy between 1980 to 1983.    Charlie joined Roundalab in 1984 and is a 25 year member.  He is also a member of the Dixie Round Dance Council and the International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association (ICBDA)   In June 2010, Charlie received his 30 year Round-a-Lab Award.   (Below: ~ Charlie and Linda with Award at 2010 RAL Convention)

Charlie and his teaching partner, Linda Cooley, teach Phase II through Phase VI.  Charlie and Linda showcased and taught the beautiful and popular dance, "Carnival' (Phase IV Rumba) at the 2008 Ohio Dance Convention in Aurora, Ohio   At the 2010 National Dance Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, they showcased and taught a Phase II Two-Step called Now & Then, as well as a fun Phase IV Cha-Cha (or 5-count Two-Step) called A Mi Esposa Con Amor,    Both dances choreographed by Charlie. 

Linda and her husband, Doug Cooley,   started Square Dancing in 1998, and Round Dancing in 2000.   Linda and Doug have studied with Charlie Brown, Dick & Pat Winter, Martin & Mary Hapeman, Barbara & Wayne Blackford and George & Pam Hurd.  They attend various dance weekends, clinics and conventions around the country.   (Right:  Linda & Doug)
Dance Leader & Cuer Education
1980 - 83  Bill & Virginia Tracy
1983   Clancy & Betty Mueller's Clinic
1984   Charlie & Betty Proctor's Clinic
1984   Texas Training Institute (Rother-Hickman)
1984-87  Barbara & Wayne Blackford Weekend Clinics (Website)
2002  East Coast Leaders College

2005 to Present   Martin & Mary Hapeman, Phase V-VI

 (Left ~ Martin & Mary at 2010 RAL Convention)

Dance Leader & Cuer Weekends & Conventions
1984 - 89  Dance Weekends with Kay Pell in Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas
2000-2012 State Conventions - Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania

2010 Round-A-Lab (RAL)Convention in Louisville, KY 
Left ~ 2010 Ohio RAL Attendees.  Click on picture to enlarge)

2010  National Round & Square Dance Convention in Louisville, KY
2011 Round-A-Lab (RAL) Convention in Detroit MI
2011 National Round & Square Dance Convention in Detroit, MI

Flowers Sunset Trees Phase II Waltz
Goin' Steady Phase II Two-Step
How Long Has It Been Phase II Waltz
I saw Linda Yesterday Phase II Two-Step
Little Hawaiian Girl  Phase II Two-Step
Lucky Devil Phase II Two-Step
Mi Casa Su Casa Phase II Waltz
Now & Then Phase II Two-Step
Speakin' of the Devil Phase II Two-Step
Take My Hand Precious Lord Phase II Waltz
Your Candy Heart Phase III Foxtrot
Sacred Love Phase III Rumba
You No One But You Phase IV Foxtrot
Until the Stars Fall Phase IV Waltz
Sand in My Shoes Phase IV Rumba
A Mi Esposa Con Amor Phase IV Cha/Two-Step
While We Dance Phase VI Waltz
Wonderful World of the Young Phase VI Waltz

2009 - 2012 Cuer Activities
Teaching Phase II through VI Lessons with Linda Cooley
Club Cuer for 2 Square Dance Clubs
Cuer for 7 Square Dance Clubs
2009-2010 Vice President of Buckeye Squares
Dance Leader & Cuer of 'Diamonds in the Rough' Round Dance Club
2010 Ohio State Convention, Rounds Chairman (Cleveland Federation)

Dance Questions?  Contact Charlie Brown or  330-357-6261
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