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The purpose of this website is to put you in touch with an instructor in your area (worldwide).   The mission is to inform, instruct, and motivate all dancers, and all potential dancers, so that the cultures of all nations, races, and religions may benefit. An additional purpose is to educate the public regarding this enjoyable and rewarding recreational activity.  Competitive Ballroom Dancing was recently granted recognition and membership in the International Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Committee. We do use International and American Ballroom figures in our choreography.   This website,, is maintained by Round-a-Lab.

DRDC - Dixie Round Dance Council
DRDC has been a significant factor in promoting the growth and enjoyment of round dancing. Besides the fun of a weekend dance experience, it accomplishes positive growth.    Both teachers and dancers are welcome and important as members of DRDC.

ICBDA - International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association
Independent, open organization of teachers and dancers dedicated to Choreographed Ballroom Dancing. There are currently over a thousand members of ICBDA worldwide.

A non-profit educational organization for round dance leaders world-wide, established in 1976 by round dance teachers to provide a framework for standardizing various aspects of the activity such as dance figures, cue terms, cue sheet format and teaching methodology.


Colorado Round Dance Association
An encyclopedia of round dance links including dance organizations, directories, publications, cue sheets, round dance manuals, videos and much more.

DANCE POSITIONS - From Roundalab Website 
Positions are defined as standard couple relationships used in round dancing. The photos represent the definitions, and are not inclusive of all personal interpretations or choreographer modifications. 
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source of information for the choreographed ballroom dance community for ALL phases!  It is for the dancers looking for resources to improve their dancing.  The website includes links to published website articles, Choreographers and their Websites, U.S. Regional and National Organizations, Instructional Videos, Demonstration Videos, Cue Sheets, Figure Manuals, and DANCE VIDEOS.


This new video library features George & Pamela Hurd as they teach various dances.   Additional dance teaches will be added as videos become available.    Don't have a local cuer or instructor?   You can use these videos to learn the latest dances from George and Pam!  There is a small annual subscription price of $25 for these instructional dance videos and various dance clinics.   It is well worth the price!!!

Round Dancing-Choreographed Ballroom
Figures, Articles, Links, and more

* Round Dance Rhythms, Figures


* Extensive List of Dance Information Links  


Barbara & Wayne Blackford
Round Dance Instructors & Choreographers, Phase III to VI
Oct - March - Mesa AZ   
Spring/Summer -  Dance Weekends and Clinics

Ken & Sue Davis

Round Dance Instructors & Choreographers, Phase IV - VI
Fall/Winter - Mesa AZ
Phase V-VI Workshop & Monthly IV - VI Dance

Steve & Lori Harris
Round Dance Instructors & Choreographers, Phase III to V
Fall/Winter - Mesa AZ

George & Pam Hurd

Round Dance Instructors & Choreographers, Phase III to VI
Nov through  March - Mesa AZ
April through October  - Dance weekends USA & Overseas

Chuck & Sandi Weiss
Fall/WInter - Mesa AZ      
Round Dance Instructors & Choreographers, Phase III - V

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